Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dota 2 Armor Set: I finished my 'Dark Sister' armor set for the Phantom Assassin and it is now uploaded to the Steam Workshop. Check it out!

This was a fun project and something I'll be doing more of. I certainly learned a lot in the process. For future sets I am going to start with one set piece, upload it to the workshop and see how the community responds to it before doing all the work on a complete set.

Dota 2 Armor Set: High-res sculpt for my first Dota 2 armor set.

Rocker Concept: Something I did for some painting and drawing practice. I started on a 3D model of this. 

Character Concept: Concept for a potential 3D game character. I will probably re-visit this. I'd like to turn it into a Rollerball themed character.