Sunday, July 26, 2015

Finland: Helsinki

I just returned from a 2 week trip to Finland last week. It was a really great trip. I got to meet relatives I've never met before, saw a whole bunch of cities and traveled all over the country with my dad and sister. I was able to enjoy a couple lake-side saunas and jump in the lake afterwards to cool off. Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. I am uploading the photos I took in batches starting with Helsinki since that was the first stop. The full photo album can be found here.

We stayed in a hostel that featured some interesting artwork on the walls.

The hostel was on an island right in the port of Helsinki where the Uspenski Cathedral is located.

I went out one evening and took some pictures around 10pm, and the sun was still up.

We rented bikes one of the days to do some sight-seeing. Coffee is a very common and popular drink in Finland and you see coffee stands and cafes all over the place. This one was right on the water next to one of the bike trails. 

Every city we stopped in had a central outdoor market area. This one included some boats with fresh fish and vegetables for sale. 

The Sibelius Monument.

One of the parks we visited on the bike ride, Kaivopuisto park.

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